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Mia Reed

Mia Reed

Personal Trainer/Nutritionist


I am absolutely, passionately driven to help you get the health, vitality, body and energy of your dreams. It truly is my number one passion.

I truly believe that in order for us to achieve all we want in life it starts with our health at the core. I truly believe that when you are healthy and vibrant, every other area of your life falls into place. Mentally we’re more positive when you’re healthy. You wake up earlier and have the energy to go to bed later. You find more time to work on your goals, more time to exercise, more time to spend with your kids and loved ones, more time to make a difference. When you are healthy you follow your dreams, you don’t put things off until tomorrow, you take action, you challenge yourself, you respect yourself and you strive to keep on improving.

When you’re healthy, your whole life improves – things just fall in place.

When asked what is your why? I can honestly say ‘My Why’, my passion and my purpose is to support you. Assist you in reaching your health goals and to get the health, body and life you’ve dreamed of.

My big why is to give you everything you need to get to the health, energy, body and life of you’ve dreamed of. That’s why I’m here. I’m here to help you.

“I love Mia’s 3-A Day Juices! They’re fresh tasting and made to order. While I’m in my juicing stage I feel like I have more mental clarity, more energy, and an all around sense of well-being. After a few days I noticed that my sinuses were clear, vocals were stronger, and reflexes were quicker.

Ms Elle

“I highly recommend Coach Mia to anyone seeking support with healthy lifestyle choices. Mia uses practical, common sense strategies for weight-loss and healthy living. Her suggestions are very easy to comprehend. Mia is sincere, honest and truly willing to support those who have a desire to make intelligent changes for themselves.


“I came to Mia for guidance and counsel on a healthier way to approach weight loss through dieting and suggestions to curb bad eating habits. Mia mapped a meal plan and when I followed to a T for 10 days, I felt energized, slept better, felt less cravings for sweets and snacking in general.

Renee T

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